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So do I. I’m a Berlin based developer specialized in apps for iOS and Android with Flutter.
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What others say about me and my work

„Bijan always took full ownership of the tasks … and actively contributed with innovative ideas for our patient monitoring app. He is both very competent and a people-person who was at all times a real team-player.“

Max Hänska, PhD
Program Manager in health tech

„I can recommend Bijan to anyone who is looking for a mobile engineer who is a true team player and provides impact to the product and the business as a whole.“

Sascha Stehling
Lead organizations to build better digital products

„Bijan impressed me with his attention to detail, from low level issues, like variable naming to higher level topics, like feature architecture – all while keeping an oversight of the project as a whole.“

Ray Neumann
Software Developer

„It’s great to see how he is sharing his expertise by mentoring our less experienced engineers with constructive feedback- thus, helping our team grow as a whole. It’s a real pleasure to work with him“

Sven Bergner
Senior Software Engineer at

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